Together, let’s keep moving Wisconsin forward.


The most important issue facing the State of Wisconsin is a shortage of family-supporting jobs. I believe that our tax code is far too complex; we need to ease the burden on small businesses to encourage economic growth and increase employment. I also believe that we cannot afford to shortchange hard-working Wisconsinites by giving tax breaks to corporations that have not been creating jobs for our families. Any corporate tax incentives must be directly tied to job creation.

I will stand firmly on the side of education in the State of Wisconsin. Our children and parents deserve a safe and cutting-edge educational system. In a society that is becoming more and more globally driven, we must ensure that our students in the 14th Assembly District and across the state are the best-educated in the nation.

It is no secret that the last legislative session in Madison was very divisive. Regardless of which side of the aisle we stand on, we are all Wisconsinites who want what is best for our communities and for our great state. I pledge to work with Democrats, Republicans, and independents to address the concerns of my constituents and to increase transparency and accountability in state government. Instead of dwelling on the legislative battles of the past, I will look toward the future with a bipartisan approach.