Why Chris Rockwood?


As your representative in the State Assembly, these will be my legislative priorities.

Support our public schools

  • Statewide voucher expansion and a broken funding formula are urgent threats to all of our public schools, which are the heart of our communities. I will call for an immediate moratorium on voucher expansion and work with public education advocates on the funding solutions that our children deserve. The state has a constitutional obligation to fully and equitably fund our schools, and we must seek to restore Gov. Tommy Thompson’s commitment that two-thirds of public school funding should come from the state.

Embrace the “Wisconsin Idea” and strengthen the University of Wisconsin

  • Recent funding cuts and changes in governance have damaged the UW System and threaten the reputation of our great university in Madison.
  • This recent article in The Atlantic explains that “many flagship Midwestern research universities are being weakened by deep state budget cuts. Threats to pensions (in Illinois) and tenure (in Wisconsin) portend an exodus of faculty and their all-important research funding, and have already resulted in a frenzy of poaching by better-funded and higher-paying private institutions, industry, and international competitors.”

Responsible budgeting

  • I will push for acceptance of federal funds to expand BadgerCare, which will save Wisconsin taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars while providing health insurance to 83,000 more Wisconsinites.
  • Wisconsin must have a sustainable and responsible transportation funding plan. It is not acceptable to borrow hundreds of millions of dollars to pay for massive highway projects, but we also cannot continue to postpone reconstruction of freeways that are more than 50 years old. Legislators from both parties must work together and agree on a sustainable mechanism for funding the needed repairs and upgrades instead of kicking the can down our crumbling roads.

Strengthen Milwaukee

  • We must increase investment in our state’s largest city and restore the recent cuts in shared revenue. We can bring thousands of family-supporting jobs to the Milwaukee area by creating tax incentives for renewable energy generation using equipment made in Wisconsin. Economic development must benefit our communities without giving away billions of our tax dollars to foreign corporations that may not be held accountable for their job creation forecasts.